In the modern age of which we live true beauty is often times mistaken for only outward appearances. That which is admired so much in in today’s world – beautiful face & figure, beautiful home, beautiful clothes, material success, name & fame, etc… – has replaced what all great Teachers who have come have constantly reminded us of, which is the True beauty of the Soul, which comes from God.

True beauty is seen in the simple, unselfish acts of humanity, where one sacrifices their time, their finances and even sometimes themselves, for the betterment of another individual, group of individuals or humanity as a whole.

It’s the kind smile which gives hope to a complete stranger;
it’s the selfless services of those who seek to serve others,
with no intent for self gain, but rather for the sake of love itself;
it’s the radiating love in our prayers to bring peace to the world;
it is the God within all of us reminding us of our True Nature, for it is His Nature.


Why Has This Site Been Created?

Like many of you, the administrator of site has grown up in a society where the things which are projected as so important in life such as – outer beauty, financial well being, sex appeal, fame, recognition, etc… – have lost their meaning in their life. Yet, these things are promoted all around us and in some ways even forced upon us. The average human being in the United States is bombarded with 3,000 – 20,000 marketing message a day through labels, billboards, the internet, TV, radio, retail stores, etc…, so it is very difficult to escape the constant reminder of these materially driven messages or projections.

To maintain ourselves and stay focused on what really matters in life all Great Teachers have told us to, ‘live in the world, yet not be part of the world’, as Jesus told. In other words Buddha told us, “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without”.

To remain in constant remembrance of the higher reality, of this Love which lies within us, is no easy task and requires firm discipline and constant reminders. This site hopes to be one of those reminders as we all travel together through this life and try to encourage each other to remember those things which really matter.


Love beautifies everything. When you see through the eyes of Love, that beautifies; even the darkest thing will appear to be very beautiful. But really, man is in the make. Some come as made, some are made here. This fate awaits everybody. Every Saint has his past and every sinner a future. If you continue to have only thoughts of God, say for a few days, you’ll feel blessedness. When you eat, thank God that you’re remembering. When you go to sleep, all right, “I’m going in Your Lap.” You’re not to leave or go into the wilderness. We have to learn swimming in water, not on dry land. To be aloof, cynic-like, you won’t learn then. That is why in the lives of very great Rishis there were failures. A cobra or a snake is very harmless but when you make him angry?–You must be air-conditioned, that’s all.

Sant Kirpal Singh